Services of equipments

We keep your treadmill in top condition with our affordable gym equipment services . Faulty and exhausted gym equipments should not restrict your workouts. Here at Lifestyle equipments, we offer all kinds of repairs that extend  the lifespan of your equipments.
It is always advisable to have a regular cleaning and maintenance of the gym equipments. Especially gyms and fitness clubs that run all the day throughout  the year will definitely require professional fitness equipment service in order to have a long and sustainable life of the products.

At lifestyle equipments , we take huge responsibility in delivering affordable and satisfying customer service that includes treadmill service and repair with cost-effective solutions. As we feel your time and money is valuable, the majority of our services take place in the comfort of your home, gym or personal studio.

There are various issues you might have comes across while using a treadmill such as the treadmill motor burn outs, loosening of treadmill belt, buzzing sound on the treadmill deck, etc. Our technicians are professionally trained to fix all the problems that require immediate action.

We the Lifestyle equipments provide master treadmill repairs  on all kinds of treadmill models including spare parts that needs a long lasting durability.